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Welcome and News (07-04-2011)

Welcome to the first online presence for the degeneracy research community!  This site brings together researchers that are interested in the role of degeneracy in adaptive systems and aims to increase the visibility of degeneracy research. Most degeneracy research investigates relationships between biological complexity, robustness, and evolvability.  Researchers with a strong interest in these topics or the role of degeneracy within particular adaptive systems are encouraged to join this community by adding profile information Here.

News: 2011-07-04

-Six new members this month!

-New highlighted article by Ed Clark et al, click here.

-Eight new papers added to the CiteULike reference list.

-Have you published an exciting new paper dealing with degeneracy this year? Add details with a short description here.

Members of this community can participate in several ways

Comments and Suggestions: Make suggestions about how to improve this site, suggest community activities, or present ideas on the Discussion Board.

Contribute Publications: Community members can add degeneracy publication info to CiteULike  which becomes viewable in the CiteULike rss feed on the right of the screen.  Also, upload degeneracy papers into our Scribd Collection (assuming you are free to distribute publically).   Late breaking papers that are in press or just published can also be submitted Here.

Background Summaries: In the About page, members are encouraged to add short descriptions about the relevance of degeneracy in neuroscience, immunology, evolution and elsewhere. If you would like to contribute a brief summary, please send an email (subject heading: degeneracy topic summary) to jwhitacre79 –at- gmail.com.  Summaries may also be added to the degeneracy Wikipedia page.

Important Research Developments: Do you have an important finding or hypothesis that you would like to share with this community? Send a short description (subject heading: degeneracy research development) to jwhitacre79 –at- gmail.com.

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