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Update (August 27, 2011)

Hi Everyone,

There have been a few changes to the degeneracy website. Below is a brief update.

First, a few stats (as of 27/08/2011)

  • 525 views of the website over the last 3 months (most views are of the Researchers page)
  • 500 views of publications in the “degeneracy and selection” paper collection on scribd
  • 30 downloadable publications on degeneracy from the Researchers page and from Scribd.
  • 17 research profiles uploaded to the Researchers page
  • 5 recent articles on degeneracy published (see here and here)
  • New highlighted article by Whitacre and Atamas
  • Also, see stats on papers and websites that people are connecting to from the degeneracy website

I would like to thank everyone that has participated so far and also point out that this community has proven very useful to my research. There are several papers that I have become aware of through the community researchers page and that have helped to strengthen arguments that Sergei Atamas and I have recently put forth in an article to be published in Biology Direct (link). I would not have been aware of these recent developments without member contributions. This article is posted as the new highlighted article.

A couple of small requests:

Very few members have added publications to Scribd or CiteULike.  I am wondering whether members are aware of the value in doing so.  Personally, I have found that this has greatly enhanced the visibility of my research (e.g. over 2000 views of my articles on Scribd in the last three months).  Moreover, Scribd provides lots of stats on who is viewing your papers, what parts of the paper are being viewed most, how the papers were found online, how long the papers are being viewed, etc.

If you have a spare moment, please go the wikipedia page on degeneracy and at the bottom of the page please submit a rating for accuracy, trust worthiness, etc.  If you would like to make changes to the page you can become a wikipedia editor or alternatively you can email me your edits.

Best Wishes,

James Whitacre

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